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such criticism is the result of ignorance of the text. It is detail
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girls being made compulsory. Another expressed the opinion
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situation with which they had had to deal, it must be remembered
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what seem to him " the sanest of the frequently conflicting opinions on
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must be continually on his guard trying to anticipate possible
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the Teachers' Certificate, Cambridge ; and for the Cam-
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stitutionnel endormi aux genoux d'une aristocrate pendant que
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spired, on the publication of those proposals, that a considerable
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Solution by B. C. Wallis, B.Sc, F.C.P., and others.
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source of union and streng'th. Slie did much to reconcile Hungarj^ to
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common speech at one time or other requires. The poets are,
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remain as perpetual landmarks in the intellectual history of
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Ballads, CasseU's Penny. Nos. I and 2. Illustrated.
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the discussion, and he suggested that the points to be considered
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tion. Ye, Our subjects, be filial to your parents, affectionate to your
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lucid and pointed. An exceptionally capable and practical text-book.
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suration may be connected with the football field or the cricket
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There has been time to test different theories for the education
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a member of the Royal Commission on Education, 1886-88, and
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Scholarship : A. D. Roberts (Cheltenham College). Special Army
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and Hygiene (D.T.M. & H.) is conferred on Graduates in Medicine of the University, and a University Certificate in Tropical Diseases is also conferred
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Unequalled for tlie Hygienic and jVuhyJrous treatment and
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order. He supposed that in a large school it was an advantage
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are actually widows with children to maintain, while by no
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Blessrs. George Bell & Sons issue, in a fresh volume of their " Classical
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author, who has also made numerous additions. Forty-nine dia-
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is so perjjlexed at the unintelligible order to put one fluid ounce
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elor of Divinity. In Law : Doctor of Laws ( Honorary) ,
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plus de trois termes consecutifs de (ii.) 1, 2, 5, 12, 29, ..., et entre ces
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students and teachers a systematic exposition of the theory underlying
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of benefits to come that we received Circular 705 — a Memo-
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On the Factorization nf a" -t2a!ir + 3nV + 2a-h^ + h'^,
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enough, Dr. Lupton does not expressly state (so far as we have
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His ideal would be that the community of masters in school
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ence to the formation of these Centres will be forwarded
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