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tion shown by the Treasury for the needs of the Metropolis

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Miss K. M. J. M'Clure, North London Collegiate School (History).

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Classics : P. E. King, Dulwich CoUege ; R. F. S. Parry, St. John's

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toral is examined, and the development of the pastoral drama is traced ;

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doubt about it. He was overworked. Smith had a better time

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quarters of the globe came together to do honour to the memory

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.•I new treatise which gathers together the results of the ereat amount of

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such criticism is the result of ignorance of the text. It is detail

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tielles d'une surface telle que la section par un plan mene par I'axe OZ

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among those who will represent labour. The scheme is to

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girls being made compulsory. Another expressed the opinion

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Clifton. — Modern Language Scholarship, H. Herzl ; Roquet Palmer

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cards. The sheet measiu-es 25x20 in., the picture 20 x H\ in. The

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1. is altace the generic or trade name

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scale. Walls have been knocked down, ceilings raised, and

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their own thought and judgment in doing things. If the work

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to Siib.'fcriber.i, 5.t. ; to Non-Subscribers, 6s. 6d.

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stitutionnel endormi aux genoux d'une aristocrate pendant que

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(1) Rohinsou Crusoe (Defoe); (2) Sindbad the Sailor; (3) Tales from the

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Science. 547 pages. Illustrated. Cloth. Price 6s. 6d.

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recognised Examinations. STUDENTS, especially intending Teachers

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of a Wrangler, Miss J. M. Mathews, Girton, who is placed between the

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so many of our children never " learn to play well " How

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been promised in England. Mr. Allan Ramsay, late of the

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and the Wonderful Lamp. Corresponding to Standard IV. : Sindbad

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Solidaijs Abroad is a charmingly illustrated booklet describing con-

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been in use for nearly three years in one of our schools and for

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devoted to the formation of habit, which is one of the chief

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a seductive booklet published by the Paris-Orleans Railway Company,

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(2) Les Deux Freres (Dumas) ; (3) La Chasse au Lion (Gerard/ ; (4) Le

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Prize, and a Beaufoy Shakespeare Prize) : the Masterman, C. Robbins

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Part II. Euclid II., III. (35-37), IV. (10-16), VI. 2s.

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A. E. Dunstan, B.Sc. (SheflE. and Lond.), F.C.S. (Lond. and Berl.),

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But the reports are, on the whole, worthy of the fullest con-

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sity of New York ; and Charles Rene ZeUler, Professor of Palseobotany

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There has been time to test different theories for the education

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The College provides approved courses of Instruction

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centres — viz., Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Inver-

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A series of scenes from French daily life, at first very brief and simple, then

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a member of the Royal Commission on Education, 1886-88, and

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men for whom there are no adequate careers in life. The same

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many quarters there seems to he considerable distrust of the

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" This series has won a high reputation for the practical and scienti

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