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6. The rise and decline of religious orders in England.
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was the proud boast of the French teacher that everybody had
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intersect in H, and draw HY, HZ parallel to Ox, Oj/ respectivelv,
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touches one of the'altitudes, the triangle must be right-angled.
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November, and March- April. Entries for the June-July
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By the Avill of the late Mrs. C. F. Thompson, of Grantham,
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Me. a. J. Ensor, B.Sc, has been appointed Principal of
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Experiment 2 : a=— 31'9. Experiment 4 : 6 = —85-1.
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proverbs ; and he arranges the idioms and the metaphors in alphabetical
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of the ground every hour of the day ; a village of more than
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tion of women, we would desire to see not only the work which parti-
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D.Litt. npon Mr. John Sampson, Librarian of the University
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St. Paul's School (Lupton)— An Empire in Pawn (A. J. Wilson) —
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contoured or tinted by pupils, to show height of land, vegetation,
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classes in Laws are arranged by an inter-collegiate
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lecturers, barristers, clergy, &c. — in short, to all who desire
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16687. (W. F. Beard, M.A.)— TQ, TQ' are tangents to an ellipse,
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is out of the question in a printed book. While the
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Tallieu. Celui-ci etablit le regime de la Terreur par tout le
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will gladly see the requisite number trained and engaged ; but
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SWAN SONNENSCHEIN & CO., Limited, 25 High Street, Bloomsbur y, W.C.
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Staffordshire and at the Hai-per- Adams Agricidtural College,
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Now, let AjAoAjAj be displaced bodily to any position AJ.A.^AjAJ, and
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[Note. — As problems also bearing on Question 15782, Mr. Sleigh
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teaching staff in the elementary schools of England and Wales,
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regarded almost as a social imprimatur ; it marks off the educated
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knowledge in the many and varied directions in which facilities
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Mr. Rhnciiian received a deputation from the National Educa-
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ledge : Herbert Spencer's view of the educational value of knowledge.
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Findlay, M.A. : " The Educational Value of Play," by Mr. J. L. Paton,
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once and for all by Prof. Karl Groos, and, for my part, I find as
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restraint, the masculine energy of Caesar's style." He doth protest too
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undue time given to accomplishments, and these taught in a
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(3-4«)/4-i(12)i + l)[log4;(4u + J)] ■^8Jl5 [|ir-tan-' (2u)i].
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for children of eleven to thirteen : there are A Christma< C/rro/ (Dickens)
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