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their notice. I do not think it would be advisable to require

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Elementary Psychology and Logic : John C. Flower, New College and

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with the Office, 2 & 3 THE SANCTUARY, AVESTMINSTER, S.W.

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who go to secondary daj' schools in England. All of us number

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ber that in the third type q must be an integer, in order to exclude the

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Eugene Smith, of Columbia University ; and Prof. J. W. A.

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through the essay, correcting the spelling, improving the com-

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bv L. PossLER. An attempt to surround the pupil with an atmosphere of

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Ph.D., Associate Professor of English Literature, Wellesley Col-

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By J. Cuewen & Sons.— Fisher's The Musical Exammee.

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Trin-liers' Diploma. Ample opportunity for practice

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education, there must be a certain amoimt of drill and management as

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The poor, dumb, irrational creatures, for all their dumbness

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includes the names of the King of Saxony, the Grand Dukes

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volved. On calciilating out the whole matter, I find the effect

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The report of the Committee of the Mocatta Library and

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A SHORT ARITHMETIC. By G. A. Christian, B.A., and A. H. Baker, B.A. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo, 196 pp.

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of Moderu Languages, State University of Oregon. Is. 6d. Heath

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this ; the notes could afterwards be " written up " into an abs-

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of' London, will commence a Course of Twelve Lectures

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demand for a more idealistic interpretation of education," in

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on the basis of systematic national organization, and that it

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to Russian immigrants into Prussia, but considerably more than

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NEW AND SPECIAL Application Is invited for the PRO-

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Arthur Wollaston was Chairman, as to the allocation of the

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or less similar and eminently commonplace examples of the rules

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deals at length with the "Merope" in all aspects, reproduces Arnold's

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as may be confidently added), why not leave them alone P

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struction, and a desire that ultimately this may be superseded

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or roughly £50,000, is devoted to the payment of fees. The

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citizens. Knowing that men's work is imperfect without the co-opera-

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have not been fully consulted, and that matters in which they

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inestimable value, while his position in the world of science made

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William Verity, Bradford Grammar School. Somerset Thornhill

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By E. ARNOLii.— Arnold's English Texts (Voyage to Lilliput, The Bible in Spain,

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tion are opposed now, as they certainly were in 1906, to the

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nor is intended to involve, the imposition of the slightest

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allow the illustration to exhaust most of its primitive interest