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am- one altitude is divided by the orthocentre. Prove that the three

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and thoroughly trained under the best Professors at

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themselves from the workaday world. The permanence of

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for the most part they are another's. But little by little yon

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priate and simple, and they run smoothly. There are 35 illustrations.

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is a happy combination of practical work and book-work. The matter has evidentl.v

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passe d'armes. Point. La discussion a etc presque nulle. Un

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run deep into ten figures, and " all over the Empire the same

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several sciences in simple language and in an introductory manner.

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23. Gd. : without Answers. 2s. Answers, Is. KEY in preparation.

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the evidence which I have collected and examined on the

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be chosen — Perothus or Aldus, Nebrissensis, Mancinellus,

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knowledge of subject-matter. For daily conversation Terence

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the form djdx (yy'/x) = 0. On integration this becomes yy' = c,a'.

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competition with the public schools that they are often quite as

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In geography, the heights of mountains, the lengths of

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tively described, partially by reason of the limits of space.

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Arthur Jaffe, Secretary to the Commissioners, Queen's Col-

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and unlikeness on a large scale amounting to generalizations

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of the Corporation was held at the College on Saturday,

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Grade Schools in Denmark," by Helger Begtrup, of Copen-

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abusyon which the later blynde Tvorlde brought in, which more rathyr

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y^oii"'.'' ■'*"','; l''-^'"- ^'K^;- "':i:i'- •""' Harry Vakdon. lUustiated

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KEY, 2s. 6d. net. (Adapted to the Second and Third Classes.)

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such interest in education, would not fail them in their appeal.

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K. Leutnant im Pionierbataillon Nr. 2, Linz a. d. Donau. M. 4.80

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The University of Caen announces Cours de Fran9ais in

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Trees : a Handbook of Forest Botany for the Woodlands and the

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Schools supplied with fully qualified Sports Mistresses.

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by the class members as men who will be true to their fellows,

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the historian with limited space must exercise a decisive power

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Extracts, suitable for " Speech Days " at Public Schools.

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Crown 8vo. 211 pagus. With brief Xuto^ and Vocabulary. 2s.

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With regard to the supervision of the boys going upstairs to the

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the teachers, more careful arrangement of the lectures and

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The Assembly's College, Belfast, has received a bequest

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than usual ; yet the child often does not appreciate the effort

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in reading authors. For there are in writers many difficult

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by explanations and natural extension of the wo)-k on the part of the

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