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of a resolution, that the Senate should ordain " That a suitable

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tyranny of officials, so that men quickly pass out of the teachers'

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its " closing exercises " for the session is the occasion ; Mr. E. W.

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dicular on the base, and the vertical angle, to construct the triangle.

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ROUAN FUBI.IC IiIFE. By A. H. J. Greenidge. Extra crown 8vo,

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administrators is that on Home Economics, since it gives an

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Mechanics at Cambi-idge and was one of the original moving

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brooke Scholarship) ; Cecil W. Gilham, East London College. Physics :

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whence N, = (2x-' + 5.v^ + 4x- + 5x + 2)- — 17x (x' + x- + x + 1)'.

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meme nombre de chiffres. (2) La somme des » — 2 premiers termes

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Centres in December, when Certificates will be granted

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in succession to the Rev. E. M. Tweed, M.A., who has been

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of Physics,"' made in accordance with the latest developments in Phvsical

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was one in support of the teaching of domestic subjects to

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doing no practical work in the laboratories is very small.

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in the highest degree. On this account he will not let pass by

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stone all wanted to do. As to Convocation, he states four

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the University of Liverpool. — (3) Botany, by J. Reynolds Green,


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" The Dwellers Series." By the Rev. Theodore Wood. (8d. each

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Elsewhere we refer to the deputation from the Secondary-

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suitable for SCHOOL PRIZES, and cordially invite in-

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beyond premises in actual use for school purposes. Mean-

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