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was a newspaper editor. It was not till he had passed his
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in the sense of making it correspond to the work of adults, but
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obtain a seat on the Conference for a qualified representative of
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bably," the argument seems to miss the point : we want to
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and the fiftieth anniversary of its becoming a Public School.
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Professor said was of the deepest interest, and much that tie left
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B.A., and P. Kettle, B.A. viii + .300 pages. With or without
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Puerorum Liber Aureus. By T. S. Foster, B.A. Oxon., Assistant
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able than previously in the examinations necessary for admission
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In reply to questions put by Mr. Southee and Mr. Stork, Mr.
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The following geometrical constructions show how to cut (1) a
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Henry Craik. In Five Vols. Crown 8vo. Vol. I.— 14th to 16th Century,
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of this rapid combustion and to help the assimilation of new
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comfortable stir that was caused by the publication of
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widely than actually represented by schools) on the effect of
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containing a wide I'ange of articles on Imperial topics, with
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use in schools. The type is bold and clear, and can be readily followed
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batsman ; (1) find in what direction it must be hit, so as to go off with
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consisting of well defined groups more or less likely to have been com-
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engaged attention for some time and upon which strong feeling
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tions, there must be a repetition of names, often more than
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is by no means exhausted) as a means of education for girls.
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Long (Mathematical Tripos, Part I., 1908, equal to Fourth Wrangler ;
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perhaps, going to alter that. That is point No. 2, on which I
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of the great University of London, and to lielp to make it
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statement as to the number of copies likely to be required if the books are adopted for class use.
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J. B. A. Dumas. H. K..p|i. \. Mrver. 11. I. Meiideleef, and S. Cannizzaro.
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for Higher Education in London—Darwin Centenary Celebrations
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vocabulary, each of which occupies a left-hand page of the volume.
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arrangement of classes under the new Ordinance, the lecturers
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Dent's Les Classiques Frangais (edited by H. Warner Allen) . — Julie;
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are examples, we always get on the first day the three triplets aba,
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Designed as an accompaniment to class lessons in first principles,
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the hope that it may once more prove useful to many students
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largest numbers of Indian students congregate, it would
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translation." They are ample and welcome aids, and they bear the
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(3) Stories from Barbour's Bruce: (4) Tom Brown's School Days
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It is most instructive to set side by side with the childhood of
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" How should I do this " is, " Do it as you please."
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of over £100 a year for the Library from the late Miss
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materials allow it, are all useful articles or toys, and interesting
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met C. Pearson Mason at the very instructive and enjoyable
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comparatively recently to equations of this type, and history re-
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New Edition, with Introduction bv Sir T. Raleigh. 3s. 6d. paper, 4s. 6d.
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Accumulated Fund, £4,351,137. Annual Income, £471,097.
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AD = DE = EB ; therefore ad = de = eb. But Ad = de = eB; hence
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and to one another ; with Memorandum on the Constitution of the