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^OITDOU UKIVBBSITY EXAMINATIONS. | (Affiliated to Univeisit;/ Correspondence College.)
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Summanes. In tluv p.u is-Part I., Britisli Isles and Europe ; Part II.,
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Choisies de Beranger. Edited by Jean Edmond Mansion, B. es L.,
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construction more works are written by the Komans than the
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octroyer le vote parlementaire. Le suffrage ne sera point en ses
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" large and increasing number of those who fail to find full
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and they satisfy the practical claims by describing the important experi-
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A MEETIXG of the Council was held at the College, Bloomsbury
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he had more leisure to look after his school, then he would
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" adorateurs du liasard, du succes, de I'eclat, du bruit, de la
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Students, not under 14, preparing to enter Engineering
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Oral Exercises In English Composition. (Third Class) ... 1 6
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nical, would be invited to send representatives to the proposed
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up to the age of sixteen. Whatever this maj' precise!}'
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port," which is issued l)y tlie International Union of Ethical
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Prizeman). For |.aM icuhirs and tprms apply " Coach,"
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nexion Mr. Risk tells us of the unsuccessful attempts made at
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J. H. Fowler, M.A. — (1) Gulliver's Travels (Liliput and Brob-
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Universities of Scotland, and without as yet any indication of
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antiquarian revival, but one under the conditions nioi-e serviceable
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of tradition which might otherwise disappear." Again, passing
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of Ware, Herts, and in 1907 was elected Master of Selwyn Col-
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of speech, what degree of familiarity or ease can his pupils be
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A History of Great Britain : From the Coming of the
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from the ordinary treatment introduce into the text-book is very
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Balfour" (Exhibitioner), J. L.Bermad (Mr. Lu.sh, Rugby).
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72 Maps and Diagrams, printed in Colours, illusti-ating the varied Geographical and
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I remember choosing William the Conqueror because there is a
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paw that it may run a little and give her the chance of catching
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given. In the Map of Central and Southern Europe, the chief
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or to the ancient world as a field of study. It is a merely peda-
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axis, which is the same as the central chord of curvature at P for the
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estimably valuable as the last great expression of the Roman spirit in
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"The Shakespeare Library: The Shakespeare Classics." General
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points lie in one plane. Adding the four columns we find that
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andrian Jew, possessing considerable acquaintance with the poetry
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Leeds Universitt. — Science Scholarship (Commissioners of the Ex-
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ground in the assistant master's classroom, it must yet be con-
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matter of the te.xt, and the ' ' Words and Phrases ' ' will serve adequately
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St. Paul's School celebrated its fourth centenary by the
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Ss., over a year : left because of a " row." Weaving mill, working with
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a comfort to scamper home tVom school without gloves. In
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consideration of particular and numerical examples — a pro-
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desire to know how a certain master would teach a certain
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