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16641. (T. MniR, LL.D.)— If | afl'7" | be an ortbogonant, prove that
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history of the two centuries it covers. We are glad to observe that " it
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professeurs who reduce both effort and initiative to the strictest
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Required in September to take charge of preparatory
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confusing to the foreigner; but it is sufficient if we keep clearly
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Goudhvurst, Grimsargh, Grove Ferrj', Hawkhurst, Heme Bay, Highgate,
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cards. The sheet measiu-es 25x20 in., the picture 20 x H\ in. The
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the Figures and Demonstrations ; the Enunciations of the Pro-
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Apply to iVIr. A. C. McKay, c.o. Toronto Globe Office,
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The End of the Middle Age, 1273-1453. By Eleanor C.
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stone. Applications to be lodged with Miss E. M. Ewart,
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tems of China." Western education, it seems, is being
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give their whole time to study, including technical study, until
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briefly. Mr. Spiller gives in full most of the moral instruction
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and Examination of six schools by Visiting Examiners.
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tenable for three years, will be awarded on the results
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lecturers. There are three in French and a fourth on Old
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post free, from A. SARLL, A.K.C., 62 Oakley Road, London, N.
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on Organic Chemistry, United College, St. Andrews, has
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Roman Empire under the Republic. By P. C. Sands, M.A., Fellow of
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tional Examples, and selections from recent Examination Papers ;
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rized to accept the following proposals : — (1) The Scheme for a Regis-
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the Sailor. — Set C : The Wonderful Pitcher (adapted from Hawthorne).
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A. Lukyn Williams, B.D., Vicar of GuUden Morden and Examining
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University invited by circular all those whom they considered
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School, Bilton Grange (Rltgby), Edinbuiv-li. (;l;i-i;.'n«-,
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descent." The author of the tract follows essentially the course
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bring home to the reader effectively the immense force of a
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There was something to be said about upholding the dignity of
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and sound judgment, and ought to be widely read and pondered,
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16621. (Professor R. W. Genese, M.A.) — To a passenger in a train
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otherwise bringing forward satisfactory evidence of previous
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with fifteen others, and I was very lucky to be there, for it was
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D.So. : Dr. Francis Darwin, Cambridge ; and Prof. J. L. Todd, McGill
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had taken a high honours degree to take this lower form, he
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seventy, and still fewer choristers." In prescribing the subjects
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demands ; old form and new : legitimate and illegitimate notes by teacher ; the
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style is plain and simple, but capable of improvement. There are useful
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Real progress, in later stages as in earlier, demands that
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