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Graduates of the University. Degrees in Science (B.Sc. and D.Sc.) may be taken in Pure Science, Engineering, and in Public Health, and the Degree of

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adequate knowledge and experience of the facts. Ac-

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College, Woolwich. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 2s. net.

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by aid of tables of solution of 2/1' Tl = 0, 2/2" ♦■1 = 0, y^^ + l = 0.

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French). Scholarship of £35 a year: Violet A. Hyett, Mortimer

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Section : (1) Les Aventures du dernier Abencerage (Chateaubriand) ;

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duction, Notes, Map, and Plan, by A. R. Ropes, M.A. 3s

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Him alone must be the tiual appeal. What He approves must,

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" The matter is clearly ari-anged, concisely^ and intelligently put, and marked by

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Brigade at Balaclava," made a sketch-plan on the blackboard

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occupied with the amassing of knowledge, and he urged that

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namely, the sum of the squares of the individual errors, must be at a

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consisting of well defined groups more or less likely to have been com-

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exercise their whole powers upon it without let or hindrance ;

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the co-ordinates being trilinear and the given triangle that of reference.

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is to be held as early as possible in September, and it is hoped

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tions regarding races, peoples, and epochs ; it would also make an

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and notes help to explain the principal difficulties, textual, moral, and

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echapper, lequel etait d'aider a creer I'unite italienne. Orsini

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has only a partial knowledge of them. He does not see their

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K riiAMi)Fi-,s M A .Is.- Jiniior School Edition, edited hy Prof. Henry

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tion or an equivalent examination and are under the' age of

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in Secondary Schools, besides various Scholarships open

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causer politique, femraes ou duels et de faire des gestes." . . .

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more closely with the direction of academic effort such

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numbers of form N = (y"' — l) have at least sis factors. State the ex-

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Velocity = 1337 ft. per min. = 15-2 m. p. h. approx.

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provision could have been made at Armstrong College and in