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theory as well as experiment, of the subjects indicated in the title."
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M. A. Canivet will address the Societe Nationale des
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Lect'U-es are given in preparation for all Examinations
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This work is intended for students who have already studied the rasiest por-
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maintenance of whose own character and the promotion of the
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16mo. Treble Columns, xii + 941 pp., 3s. 6d. Also in Two Parts,
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E. H. McGrath. Boulter Exhibition : A. B. Vansittart. Holford
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COMPOSITION FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES. Based on OutUne Essays, with Exercises in Style. By C. H.
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the chair ; Mr. Barlet, Rev. J. B. Blomfield, Mr. B. A. Butler,
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gated 24,679 — an increase of 729 teachers of different grades over
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Professor of English and the Romance Languages in Williams
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So far as the illustration appeals to the pictorial it defeats itself,
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splendid success. Mr. J. A. R. Marriott, the Secretary to the
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one phrase which, after the cessation of hostilities, might i-eturn
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triplet willbeaic, except oaa (twice), bbb (twice), and ccc (twice). In the
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borough Grammar School ; J. B. Harris, Devon County School. For
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A performance of the " Electi'a " of Sophocles in Greek, in aid of
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lectures on the social and political history of France and Ger-
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In geography, the heights of mountains, the lengths of
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Christian, nor would they be unduly influenced to become
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liaboulaye— Pif Paf ou 1' Art de Gonverner les Hommes. (.\dapted.)
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Aritlnnctic for School use. By W. P. Workman, M.A., B.Sc,
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These volumes are primarily intended to accompany and illustrate the
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the plant and machinery necessary for instruction in every
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needs. What the German parent of the upper and middle
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The Position of the Assistant Master in French Secondary
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11209. (Professor Franz RoGEL.)-Find an independent expression
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stipend ; (3) that none of them is engaged in research."
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ages of fourteen and eighteen." The discourses are well worth patient
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of resolutions which had been adopted unanimously at the
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" A model of how a play of Shakespeare should be prepared
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formerly Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. 28. 6d.
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on 34, and that of Associate on 172, who had satisfied the prescribed
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disposes of a good few depreciatory allegations — but he was
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engineering students rather more than this. On the other hand,
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