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the vertices occur at the respective intersections of the lines joining

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adventure and honest work among the natives of a part of Central Africa


Classes or Private Lessons in all Subjects for all |

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what is attained by the usual — even the Herbartian — pro-

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Messrs. Cassell have commenced to issue (1) The King's Umpire

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bridge loses London gains. A forceful man, who knows his

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College, has been appointed Assistant in the Department of

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Nelson's Short Stories in English Literature. — (1) Sesame and Lilies

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scientific training may, upon application, be admitted to the

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cannot, under the present conditions, compete successfully

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without some slight distinction. If they could get rid of the term

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& NEPHEW, Ltd., South Castle Street, Liverpool.

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the State Governments to the amount of considerably over a

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To prove (2), let particles be placed at A, B, C, D, whose masses are

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Sessions, viz. the "Winter Session, October to March

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This work is primarily designed for the use of English

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A First Book of German Oral Teaching. By A. R. Florian. M.A.,

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meteorology, and geology, by the opinion that ecology (the study of

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Latin as a language.'' Several speakers followed, and it was

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"Wlien possible, special appointments should be ar-

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Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Ireland, and Scotland, the

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those peculiar to each. In some cases the diagrams are of ex-

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at their handwork, and their eager, bright, joyous faces alftell

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thromrhout the difTereut districts of these islands. The test is fully illustrated by

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devote a penny rate to its new University : the same rate in

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free from other than inherent difficulties, are given of the essen-

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property of protoplasm as is affectability." Extremely interesting

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minimum of time and work, which leads to usefulness and

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The July number of Child Study has an able article on

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joynyd with wisdome," he wovdd also have "specially Cristyn

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more closely with the direction of academic effort such

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University Hall fees for residence— Winter Session,

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schools in which there is no laboratory." Heiiristic purpose.

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WORLD lias steadily increased its circulation and spiiere

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is avoided by working a school with subject masters. Then

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the interrelation of which no electrical engineer would care to specify in

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where and how can they have learnt their Latin As to

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deep regret oi the death of Mr. Herbert Courtbope Bowenaftera

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Oc " One of the very best edited school texts ever placed

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(1) Voyages of the Elizabethan Seamen. Edited by Edward John Payne.

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Imagine a right-angled triangle CGD, right-angled at G, such that,

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hard worked as he was twenty j-ears ago. Theology and law pro-

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