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desire to become Teachers in Secondary Schools or in

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working of the assistant master. But the blame must not be

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Elasticity, Experimental. By G. F. C. Searle, M.A., F.R.S., Uni-

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zation of the significance of the geographical facts they illustrate.

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[With aid of notes left by Dr. Walker Headlam, the translator

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nockburn. The result at first perplexed the Government. Some-

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6. Papers set at Professional Preliminary Examination, March, 1908.

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compelled so often to act by the judgment of others. " You must

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say profound, revelation of the object must come entirely from

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repeating what the master of all modern educators said : " I can

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Specimen Theory Papers set in past years ( Local Centre

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Recent volumes of this charming series are Nos. 36 and 37, George

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smile or a look. The healthy rivalry of games has now absorbed

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" any map may be mounted so that it can be consulted in the same way

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Several of the masters of the Royal High School, Edin-

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University administration in this country will welcome the infor-

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Superintendent of Educational Handwork to the Leicester

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chester University, has been appointed Government Ento-

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some extent independent exposition of the subject-matter, may be

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' The Tutorial Series ' in the natural order of search, and will there find his reward."

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Sclectionsfrom Early American Jf'riters, 1607-1800. Edited byWiUiam B.

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St. Andrews Uniteesity. — Science Research Scholarship (Royal

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replace the strong ethical influence already exerted by many

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long illness. Mr. Bowen was born in 1848, and received bis early

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i s found that N3 = (x* - 3x''' - 5x- - 4x - 2)^ - 19.r (x» + x'- + x + 1)-.

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for vocabulary. The type is excellent, and the get-up is agreeable.

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5s. net of Wales, Aberystwyth, and T. Campbell Jajies,

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each Part has a coloured frontispiece. Both series are paragraphed as

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as the best aid to the interpretation of the text. (2) is prefaced by an

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with open eye, while we have mostly snoozed through them in

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of secondary schools which devote a year to botany." The description

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Send for particular!!, Bacf.eriolOffiCdl, Medival, and other

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mill could suppl3-. What we want quite as much is something

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of the following will be forwarded on application :—

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G. B. Gray, Count Goblet d'Alviella, Mr. R. R. Marett.

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ments of physics and engineering has been met in most part by

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work and preparation work : arrangements of the major divisions of the day : theory

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Herbert Spencer, "is best cultivated by habitual participation in

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I P' describes a cardioide having cusp S and vertex V ; equal to the other

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land would include libraries, museums, laboratories, botanic

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"as she was spoke" in Shakespeare's day, Indian tableau.c

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Scholarships of from £40 to £20 open to Students witli

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ham Common, S.W., at the age of ninety-four (March 30).

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of Education, and an additional four thousand will be seeking

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largely reduced in importance— it numbered only two citizens of

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• J' .P- E°w*«i'ES, B. A.)— Each vertex of a tetrahedron is

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of Masters in Secondary Schools, and the List of Secondary Schools,

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troduction. The volume is for advanced students, able to cope with

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genei'alization, immediatelj- followed by one or more illustrations

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(1) No reversion duty or undeveloped land duty under this Part of