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Mnch-iii LauKuage Master, County Secondary School, Hackney

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seeds a certain flower How old are the teachers, parents,

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Mr. C. E. Thompson, M.A. Cantab., L. es. L. Paris, has

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Why didn't he come at first He was lost in reflection,

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Secretary of Senatus: Pi-otessoi- Sn- LUDOVIC J. GRANT, Bart., B.A., LL.D.

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engineering or medicine, and frequently to compete for a science

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R. T. Raine, North-Eastern County School, Barnard Castle, £30 for

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of the capable heads of the department is taken up with matters

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example should be pondered. And the Treasury, though

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Le conferencier, apres avoir rapidement critique les quelques

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Mr. Oechaed said there were three primary conditions that all illus-

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of Roland; (6) Undine (after Fouquee). The only difference from the

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of years. In spite of the numerous fellowships filled every year,

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differentiated from others of its class by the fact that the

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Leathersellers' Company in Tower Bridge Road will be opened

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simple exercises which emphasize the reasoning are substituted.

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young and shift for hisself. It's the only way to make a boy

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school career, and applies them to the practical purpose of

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Imagine a right-angled triangle CGD, right-angled at G, such that,

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graphs, and keen criticism, not uncalled for, as to the usual

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stipend ; (3) that none of them is engaged in research."

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gi rt-i et n, tombent entre u„ et jt„4i, on aura "t,i <it„_i ; car de

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that (19''-+18'=) H- (19'' + 18-') = 1609.2593.3433.

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religious mind, nor to carry out any work of His in a light,

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Dent's Scientific Primers (Edited by J. Reynolds Green, Sc.D., F.R.S.).

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and by what Acts were these disabilities largely removed Do any still

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of the ground every hour of the day ; a village of more than

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masculine young teacher imitated her stride and longed for

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form a fitting course for the last years of a child's school life in

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Flack B.M., M.A., Keble. RadcUfte Prize: A. F. Hertz, D.M..

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