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James R. Park. Hutton Prize in Mental Philosophy and Bain Gold

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beginners, with Notes and Exercises. By C. D. Cha.mhers, M.A. Crown 8vo, price 3s., subject to discount.

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In Five Periods. By the Rev. J. BI. HARDWIGH, M.A., and

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Masters, held in the lecture theatre of the Victoria and Albert

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Chairman— THE DEAN OF CANTERBURY. Deputy-Chairman— SIR PAGET BOWMAN, Bart.

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by his being appointed Reader in Ethnology at a stipend of £200

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quote Mr. W. J). Howells : " The blemish of American

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a course on '• English Political Institutions " ; (3) there is also a

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Honorary General Stcretaries, James Kerr, M.A. , M.D., D.P.H., and

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Of the higher schools some, called "Royal" (Konigliche), are

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and vignette title by A. S. Rastrick ; coloured Ulustratious by Jessie

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Stocks, Partnership, Profit and Loss, &c., are, by the " Unitary,"

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Greenway (the Rev. S. I. W. Shilcock, St. Winifred's, Kenley, Sun-ev),

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A St. Paul's (Cathedral) School was already in existence. " It

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Prof. Rippmann suggested that, in schools where the leaving age

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Puritanism, Hints on Shakespeare's English, and Index of Words,