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a constant depending on the measurements of the quadrilateral.
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bureau is to be opened in London and another in New York.
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The special feature of this term was the Darwin Celebration,
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exercised by the State over the higher schools. This power it
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tragedies at the Court Theatre. Unlike those at Bradfield and
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Though Oxford movements may have temporarily rested, the
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The literature was, on the whole, the best known. Indeed, as
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letters of Politian have much the same characteristics except that
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A Course of Plane Geometry for Advanced Students. Part I. By Clement V. Dubell,
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in the sense of making it correspond to the work of adults, but
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ecuted ; in other respects also the book has been well brought out.
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This book— one of a new geographical series— provides for a study of the geography
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i development, the plan of the "Canterbury Tales," pronunciation and
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their very principles are bound to hail the spread of universal
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pline, scholarship, feeling of fellowship, or whatever be the
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bridge, has been appointed Martin White Lecturer in Ethno-
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and on which all thinkers would agree, as a basis from which to
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TUTORS.— The .Stair includes Graduates of London,
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In England University education has been starved by the
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military operations are described with great spirit, and on an
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by the State— a school well planned, well built, and with an ex-
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congruent polyhedra. If the half-cube CKRSLTUPVW be removed,
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educational outlook. " To Hegel the term education always
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of Cambridge conferred the honorary degree of D.Sc. upon
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that English is the medium of instruction in the two or three
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ing brave and noble citizens. At this very moment he is busy
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tire la jambe, quand nous disons qu' " il se paie notre tete"; et
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and general characteristics of the county, and each has two coloured maps, one physical and the other geological, and a
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THE STORY OP THE GUIDES. By Col. G. J. Tounghusband
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Each affords a valuable course in the geometry of the plane
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Authorities to English Universities and colleges is not a fifth of
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ships : S. L. Holmes, from Mr. Pearce's, Ealing : R. E. D. Cargill,
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on in the educational world and suggests " devoirs."
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propos de salon, toutes les causes que Bacon classait sous le chef
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1907-8 are not available, and particulars for 1906-7 have there-
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])owers. It is understood that the Association will postpone any
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of the foremost advocates of drudgery, believing that a dull subject
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beginners, with Notes and Exercises. By C. D. Cha.mhers, M.A. Crown 8vo, price 3s., subject to discount.
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Institute, Stuttgart. Translated by K. V. Stanford, B.Sc. Lond.,
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In Five Periods. By the Rev. J. BI. HARDWIGH, M.A., and
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from the Sun to the planets would be as follows : —
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