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theory as well as experiment, of the subjects indicated in the title."
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The volume may be largely appealed to for illustration of the general
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Birkenhead, Wigan, Blackburn, Lancaster, Newcastle,
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King's School, Ely (Is.). The foot-notes continue to offer useful and
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History) ; Kate Pearce (Mathematics) ; Edith Jacob and Jessie Willmott
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Solution quoted) that N has the above double form and is resolvable
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school of leather manufacture has been carried on at Herold's
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on the relation between Head Masters and Assistants published
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George Beach, M. A., LL.D. Twelfth Edition. 3s. 6d.
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Comparing with the given equation, we find that we may take n = J,
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Circulars dealing with special branches of instruction and
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Honours. the honorary degree of LL.D. upon Dr. William
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Lucette (Chard Grammar School), D. R. G. Mackay (Mr. Gurney's,
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them ofi from the roads that lead to indiscipline and idleness,
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Edited by O. H. Eynes Clinton, M.A., Professor of French Lan-
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training value of this play of animals. Let us take, first, the
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Lily, one of the best, if not the very best, of the half-dozen men
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tains all the book-work he is likely to want and more,
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This method of solution is given in Wolstenholme's Problems, No. 132.]
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introduce pupils. Write— W.E., Library, Pleasure Gar-
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Animals cannot be said to play because they are young and
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the type of the German Bealschule and Oherrealschule, in
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students whose financial resources are slender, and their endow-
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students blossomed forth in fascinating costumes of the Hogarth
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the work of a citizen, but she may not have a citizen's privileges.
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St. John's. — Choral Studentships, £40 a year : Tenor, A. Guest-
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remaining debt of £85,000 be cleared off by October 14,