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1834, 1840, ISjO, 1860. What were the characteristics of, and the
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(1) Jason and the Golden Fleece ; (2) The Story of King Alfred the Great ;
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but I can tell you all about the Duke of Wellington." About
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physical training. What I fear is that, in our wooden, mechanical
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over one cubic mile of water, then we may have some idea of
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Universities, regardless of the fact that not 5 per cent, of
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tary endowment with individual experience, in view of the
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function l + [f+(f-lf] [gJr((f-lf'][h + (V-lf'] is sixteen times the
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Tlie complete Plan of Work in this Series is that of Scheme B, ivith
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of the Great War (1600-1792), and then on to the Battle of Waterloo
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and is Director of Government Laboratories ; Dr. F. J.
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[Entered at the New York Post OlUce as Second Class mutter.J
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A Head Master is required (August 1) for the new County
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its means and other duties permit, maintain and develop the
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With certain material illustrations, such as models or pictures,
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nor is intended to involve, the imposition of the slightest
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population given in this country was very insignificant. Whereas
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Family-expense accounts, statistics from census tables, trans-
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ancient solitary monarch of Classics. Such was the genesis
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form N = Y^ — qx.Z^, where q = 17, 13, 19, 2 respectively ; and Y, Z
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pupil's native country, and then with the world population.
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it a compulsory subject. With regard to the subject of the
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Schools, Ijiboratorus, Liln-aries. Museums, OIHoes, &c.— and has been for
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7'he A'eiw Illustrated Catalogue, containimj particularK of every
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late lecturer at the Bradford Technical College, read a paper on
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London. to the Senate, showing the progress of the work
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Head JIaster of Kingswood School, Bath. Second Edition. 3s. 6d.
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for life. Training is involved ; life in the largest sense is the
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obtained the Diploma of Fellow, 34 that of Licentiate, and 141 that of
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somely and lavishly illustrated, and the letterpress is instructive. Both
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night in June, originally devised for the purpose of saving men
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lessness of indulging in vague generalities about the training of
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qualifications for entrance, terras. Scholarships, Hall of
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preliminary and collateral movements, he puts liis strength into
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might be called play. A man who was playful as an adult had surely
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College. Mme Bagnall, directrice de I'enseignement du fran-
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