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technical, impoverished and impoverishing, the American educator
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Jones's .school for several years with pupils from fourteen to seventeen
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Southey's Life of Nelson, edited by C. H. Spence, M.A., head of the
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mation given in these chapters concerning the sj'stem of a
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The attention of Candidates is drawn to the Ordinary
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ment being due to mutual and extraordinary ignorance of each
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must run the gauntlet of diverging association in the mind of
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16708. (C. E. YouNGMAN, M.A.) — In a rectangular hyperbola, if
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treated, has sense enough to know that omniscience is not to
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the conic sections, is often placed at a serious disadvantage in
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manner required by a number of its particular form. It is, of course,
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the United Kingdom the Examination was held at the following places : —
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ment which might be applied to an extensive variety of subjects
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up and form a school that might become great. We were all
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to reproduce the portrait of this original distributor, with the
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sible of good text-books, works of reference, and readers upon
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regarded as essential. The section devoted to the discussion of the
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posed to convene a conference of representatives of Asso-iiations
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(Teacher's), Is. 3d. net. Book IV. (Scholar's), 3^. (Pitman.)
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November, and March- April. Entries for the June-July
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By the Avill of the late Mrs. C. F. Thompson, of Grantham,
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Me. a. J. Ensor, B.Sc, has been appointed Principal of
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Experiment 2 : a=— 31'9. Experiment 4 : 6 = —85-1.
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proverbs ; and he arranges the idioms and the metaphors in alphabetical
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of the ground every hour of the day ; a village of more than
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tion of women, we would desire to see not only the work which parti-
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D.Litt. npon Mr. John Sampson, Librarian of the University
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St. Paul's School (Lupton)— An Empire in Pawn (A. J. Wilson) —
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contoured or tinted by pupils, to show height of land, vegetation,