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Thb following is a list of successful candidates at the E.tamination
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A Histori/ of Geriiinn Literatnre. By Calvin Thomas, LL.D., Professor
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n,pde I'equation y = ae"" + be'" + cei" en formant les derivees y',y" , —
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undertake the heavy task of putting the younger boys in
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by the class members as men who will be true to their fellows,
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Cardiff University College, is required. Apply to Mr. J.
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But, although the Circular states that the general effect of
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regulate its examinations by the needs of any profession, and
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Repeated practice is the best master for the attainment of
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Particulars from the Registrar, University Registry,
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as an end in itself — a thing to be done just for the doing of
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appointed Principal of Bishop's College, Cheshunt, which is
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great city. He imagined that people hardly realized how small
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courageously to the State ; and thus guard and maintain the prosperity
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as a negro church ; but here the negroes themselves had to
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bv Arthur D. Innes, M.A., Is. 6d. ; Junior School Edition, edited by
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the statement that if all the houses in that city were placed end
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awarded to boys and to girls are to be approximately equal.
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once ; the fact being that he knew how, whereas we do not. Yet
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Miss Jex-Blake, Head Mistress of St. Margaret's School,
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by G. C. Moore Smith, Litt.D., Professi^r of English Language and
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St. Peter, Westminster. Edited by John Sargeaunt, M.A,, Assis-
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(1) The Snow Queen; (2) The Water Babies; (3) Jack at Oak Fann ;
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Oxford Convocation has accepted some £1,000 subscribed
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16601. (R. P. Davis, M.A.)— If A, B, C are the angles of a triangle
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it was the finest thing for girls she had ever seen. After the
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Chemistry, A History of. By Dr. Hugo Bauer, Royal Technical
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had convinced him of their value and of the readiness of the
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