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Registration Council will necessarily include teachers of all
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about school gardening, and the reasons for the procedure he recom-
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hygiene rather than anatomy or phj-siology, special emphasis
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attention as cause and effect : various classifications of the kinds of attention :
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Report of the Pronunciation Committee on the Pronunciation of Greek,
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of their country at heart." Its essential lesson touches us
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return fares from London, lowest cost of boarding, principal
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London University, is asking for a sum of £75,000 to enable it
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to teach trigonometry in connexion with the related theorems in
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Fellow-disciples are, as it were, brothers (fratrum loco). For
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Technical College (Exhibition Road) are for Students
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circle, and, if S be the point through which the forces act, the centre
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should know the language as a language, be not afraid to write
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To Members of the College the price is Is., or Is. &d. free hy post.
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Part Songs, Ac, by choirs, separately and combined,
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Z DIF = 90°-B/2 = i(180°-B/2-C/2) = i (90° + A/2) = i/EIF,
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out off by a line passing through the random point.
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Hall and Knight's Elementary Algebra for Schools. Containing
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basis of a systematic study of Grammar. They thus combine the interest and vitality of a real story with a thorough training in the funda-
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X. {Dec. 2.) The Use of the Blackboard: special appeal to the visual pupils:
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Assurances without proflts, at low rates ot premium, may be effected,
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yet fails to pay a proper share of the increasing cost. Money
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Kendall ; £12,000 to found a professorship bearing her
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the most vigilant and laborious care is taken to ascertain
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section. Consecutive generators are of opposite systems, and the forces
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In the meantime, whilst thou canst not at thy age judge con-
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Scholarship Examination of University College, Cardiff,
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England and Germany. War was declared years ago when the great
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of .Arithmetic of the Irish National Board. With nimierous addi-
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their athletic clubs and games during the years before the school
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of problems present themselves. The manner of expending the
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Edited by Louis A. Barbe, B.A., Chief Modem Language Master,
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peaceful halls of Continental colleges are sometimes con-
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explanatory memoranda. Cd. 4569. 2d. (4) Circular 707 : Regu-
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history of the two centuries it covers. We are glad to observe that " it
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professeurs who reduce both effort and initiative to the strictest
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Required in September to take charge of preparatory
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confusing to the foreigner; but it is sufficient if we keep clearly
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