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local scenes. The notes of the new edition will show — as Dr.
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effort made to forward the interests of art education and of art
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An entirely New Series of Standard Works in Enflish Liteniture by well
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(4) 4x" — 14a:^ + 5x-' + 14a;' + 5j:"— 14a; + 4 when a; = 2a-.
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to depart ; yet with all this they have not yet taken me and
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can boast of an unbroken line of descent from the first
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The Autuiiin Examination in 1909 will commence on the
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Preparation for the Examinations of (a) British College
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normals at A, B, C meet at P, the nine-point circle of ABC subtends a
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through the help of parents, teachers, books, and other in-
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Plowman, edited by C. T. Onions, M.A. Lond., of the Oxford Eng-
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Another chapter of peculiar value to English teachers and
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The Rev. H. T. Bowlbt, M.A. Oxon., Assistant Master
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all the sap out of it. Later we have the story of the Crimean
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" The matter is clearly ari-anged, concisely^ and intelligently put, and marked by
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believe iu a real Ai'thur, "probably not of royal blood," but "only
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on. Altogether a volume to be recommended."— J^dMcaiiOMa Times.
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" Jlr. Eggar's exposition is very clear and pointed, and the stress he lays upon
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At a preliminary meeting of the Joint Committee held in London, on
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Scholarum) of his time, under whose immediate control the
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Students, not under 14, preparing to enter Engineering
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Germany's great efi:ort. He was amazed that this nation did not
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Crabbe to Beddoes. Edited by G. B. Sellon, English Mistress at the
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perpendicular and proportional to the distance of the point from S'.
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Open Court : The Humanizing of Mathematics. By Gustave
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square of the discriminant of a;- + 1/" -h z- + Ifyz + Igzx + 2h.iy.
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live interests wherever we can, and so engender enthusiasm
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be some justification for the mystification, since it would rouse
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evolution the longer is its period of youth. The low-grade
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acquired through the study of arithmetic. Nevertheless, the contents
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Tempest, Eversley Edition. With Notes. {Ph-st and Second
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Mr. Gilbert Slater, M.A. Cantab., D.Sc. Lond., ha.s been
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Dulwich CoUege, Henney Scholar, £90 a year ; T. F. Heyworth,
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Cj-ril S. Cobb, the Vice-Chairman, write from the L.C.C. Education
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Prop. Masterman has resigned the Chair of History in
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to divert their funds to this purpose. They also lay stress on
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subject, and thus prepare himself for a more exhaustive study of
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ville, " tour ;x tour pour I'Europe un objet d'admiration, de
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Exeter. — Scholarship in Modem History : Leslie C. Hughes, Clifton
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viceable bibliography, and indexes — one specially prorided for the in-
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A School Arithmetic. By H. S. Hall, M.A., and F. H. Stevens, M.A. Complete, with Answers, 4s. 6d. ;
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methods by way oif complement to the arithmetical solutions. The
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who has won one of £30 at the same school ; while Miss M. Baxter
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Trice to Subscribers, bs. ; to Non- Subscribers, 6s. 6d.
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method, entirely voluntary and dependent for its success upon
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BOSWE LL'S LIFE OP JOHNSON. Edited, with an Introduction, by
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