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asking the Federal Council of Secondary Scliool Associations,

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than there ii in an English public school. There is no spon-

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that frequently concern schools, though not expressly relating to them.

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classical education ; (h) a semi-classical education ; (c) a purely

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point on a fixed circle. Show that the inverse of the fixed circle with

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Messrs. Philips are also issuing a very interesting series of Geographical

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however, who has the Parliamentary franchise twice over— as a tax-payer

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wakeful eye ; and enterprising students of economics have

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vision has been made in the regulations for such a misfortune.

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founder of the science of Eugenics ; Prof. Larmor, Secretary

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Per inch in broad column (half width of page) ... 7

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ATIOX will commence on Mondny, September 6th, 1909.

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handling of the materials in the body of the work is very careful,

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Open only to those joining for the two years' Mechanical

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= p^- 6p'q + Sfr + 20p^g- - 3bp^qr -h p' (15('- - Ibf) + 30p'qh- -Ibpqr-

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Conferences Frant;aise8 : Dii Progres du Mouvement Feministe

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upon life and education " — that is to say, of all of us that do

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material of many years' work in teaching English to Upper and

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Vikings. By Maiy Macgregor, with pictirres by Monro S. Orr.

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becomes irrelevant. The second essay discusses the problem of

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which is so full of words. Nay, also the Latin authors after the

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the same language was spoken in Latium and Greece by the

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ParE. Kexavlt. Crown Svo, cloth, Is. 6d. (For Junior Classes.)

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MenmiSes La Venus d'llle et la Dame de Pique; Poole and Becker's Commere'al

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Bradshaw, Paekword Haugh, Hockley Heath), C. J. L. Lutyens (Messrs.

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courses of extension lectm-es in industrial history, economics,

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fifths only of these Premiums need be paid, the other one-fifth remaining a, charg^

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ment to the training of teachers for secondary schools.

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enthusiastic enough to fire his pupils with a love of " doing."

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coveries of Stanley and other explorers. How did the Boers come into

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butts " were manufactured. The freehold cost nearly £10,000,

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Mr. Gregoire's, Bath ; A. F. Waterson, from Mr. Murray's, Walmer ;

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Paris. Ses dernieres annees se passerent dans I'eloignement et

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forms." After a historical survey of Glasgow University, he

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seeing, thinking, and doing, and then examined critically in

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Mr. G. A. Riddell, Mr. H. W. Lucy, Dr. T. Carlaw Martin,

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the discussion, and he suggested that the points to be considered

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maintained. " In the most general terms, perhaps, we may be

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