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done to satisfy the aspiration that these have so opportunely

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Examination ; and (2) of Regidation 33 (b), which makes the passing of

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Masters, held in the lecture theatre of the Victoria and Albert

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Sir Walter Scott, can now be i-ead with interest by the general

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Chairman— THE DEAN OF CANTERBURY. Deputy-Chairman— SIR PAGET BOWMAN, Bart.

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Committee are of opinion that, with the large sums given to assist

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did not follow the e.xample. For his part, he considered a

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is "picturesque." Brief notes and vocabulary; maps of Europe,

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and cultivate the sense of truth in small as in great things,

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franijaises eorrespondantes." However, Dr. Peron manages to under-

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by his being appointed Reader in Ethnology at a stipend of £200

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quote Mr. W. J). Howells : " The blemish of American

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per week, at periods to suit the convenience of employers in

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a course on '• English Political Institutions " ; (3) there is also a

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bach's Johannissegen ; Williams's First Latin Book.

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respect to P are all equal, their diameters being equal to PS/e.

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overstepped the mark, went beyond the curriculum, or were not

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almost so as to describe a few events, very much like Cicero. On

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Colet, who came from the Hale, near Wendovei-, Bucks, and, as

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(complete text, with glossarial notes) ; 13) Walpole (Letters) ;

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tinguished man, adorned in the highest degree with every kind

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post free, from A. SARLL, A.K.C., 62 Oakley Road, London, N.

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Honorary General Stcretaries, James Kerr, M.A. , M.D., D.P.H., and

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Of the higher schools some, called "Royal" (Konigliche), are

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Reduction of 50 '„ on railway fares from Dieppe or

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and vignette title by A. S. Rastrick ; coloured Ulustratious by Jessie

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Stocks, Partnership, Profit and Loss, &c., are, by the " Unitary,"

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rule slightly lower, and, for economic reasons, the colleges are not

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University College, has been appointed Principal of the


Greenway (the Rev. S. I. W. Shilcock, St. Winifred's, Kenley, Sun-ev),

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manual training. The Conference heartily approved the general

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tangent, where x/a-^y/b = 1 and x/c + ii/d = 1. {a, b, c, d denote

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A St. Paul's (Cathedral) School was already in existence. " It

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Greek in the lexicon, you would not sufficiently understand it.

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Prof. Rippmann suggested that, in schools where the leaving age

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Puritanism, Hints on Shakespeare's English, and Index of Words,

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ships (£50 to £60) and several bursaries (not more than

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Vocabulary. By Ekxest Weeklev, M.A. Second Edition. Is 6d.

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(1) Mr. Pajme's volume is a delightful selection of narratives from

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sectarian spirit, liut, on the contrary, from the very catholicity of

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those people swept in from all ends of the earth. How are they to

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SituationsVacant and Wanted — 30 words or under, 28. ; each additional 10 words,

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obviously simply repeat themselves. Now, although the pose of the

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that morning, and many were the hasty and despairing glances