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van, Ss. , six weeks; left because "he did not get enough for driving
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the teaching of geometry. We have been encouraged in the
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schools and investing them with powers to make by-laws
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clearly the natui'e and disposition of the contents and substantially
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forms on which applications may be made (together with a
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most generous ; the County Council contributes very largely
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omissions and commissions, whereof the latter are the deadliest.
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Full and careful exposition ; numerous questions and exercises
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horn of Perothus, but took upon himself to teach others when
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By Alexander Smith, B.Sc, Ph.D., F.R.S.E., Professor of
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illustration that was burned into my mind at a very early period.
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11434. (H. W. Segab.) — Show that the determinant of n rows of
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Centres in Jult (June for Scotland and Ireland), when
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effected in the last two decades. Explicit statement is made in
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[Judicious selection of reactions ; adequate directions for ordinary
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Report of the President and Treasurer. 1908. 576 Fifth Avenue,
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duty paled into insignificance. He had heard the night before
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held in connexion with the recent Conference of the Classical
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Comparing with the given equation, we find that we may take n = J,
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ideas, and sentiments which are in close relation to German life. 235 pages.
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elor of Divinity. In Law : Doctor of Laws ( Honorary) ,
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ChOd Life, Wastage of : a Series of Articles upon its Causation and
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of the American Philosophical Society ; and Prof. Sir Cleorge
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the attitudes invited of us, let us judge the enjoiner and inviter
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chanizing the body : something of the infinite nature of man
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By JI. E. Carter, Honour School of ^lodern History, Oxford. 2s
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cotes du proconsul tout d'abord implacable et qui, par amour
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Erckmann - Chatrian : Waterloo. Edited, witli Intro-
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Lady Margaket Hall, Oxford, appeals for some £17,000
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Book II. Edited by J. L. Martin, Head Master of the Adcroft
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(Reigate High School) ; Miss E. Noble, English (Milham Ford School) ;
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deliver an address on " The Moral and Educational Aspects
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consider whether by any methods the work and usefulness of the
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classes in Laws are arranged by an inter-collegiate
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The matters to be dealt with are such as interest all classes of teachers, and will
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selves, they are shown to violate sound principles of teach-
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report says teaching should be left as at present to the colleges,
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and to add that the Senate would be prepared to receive the
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greater labour from the first to learn them well than ill, though
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sideration ; and whether, in the event of any such sections of the
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alone was greater than all the yields of Athens, Delphi, and
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laboratories for four hundred students, study bedrooms for one
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against 7,356 and 7,112 in the two preceding years. The number
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follow them surely ; and they will be very helpful to the student — though
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received of the withdrawal of five. The Coiuicil regret to have to report
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the purposes of the society were charitable purposes. In this provision
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several yea,rs hack may also be had in separate books,
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has accepted an invitation to stand for Oxford University in
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double degree, should count only as a matriculation exami-
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Strenuous intellectual and bodily work, done in a free atmo-
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