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quoi bon Puisque cette proposition est maintenant admissible :
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Light, Sound, 2s. Parts IV. and V., Light and Sound, Is. 6d. Parts VI., VH., and VIII., Magnetism, Static Electricity, Voltaic
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not think the assistant masters would object. But if it was
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(Finnemore) ; (3) The Young Africanders (Finnemore) ; (4) The Young
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all. He thought that sometimes head masters were apt to forget
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the State Governments to the amount of considerably over a
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2. Trace the causes and events of the revolt of the Greeks against the
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a successful issue. If it were simply a question of arranging
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Describe and illustrate the successive " treks " of the Boers. Give some
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and is now in its ninth j'ear, offers to polyglots varied and interesting
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the meaning of the words may be the readier. Before you
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equation to S is 2x- — 22Kyz — 0, where iK = 1 + Ijl, ..., and that to S'
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mathematical teachers. If we have convinced the reader that
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with the aaa, ... (increasing in number as we advance, as in the other
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6. Papers set at Professional Preliminary Examination, March, 1908.
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oiu' public schools the finest places of education in the world.
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pupil-teacher, and student-teacher, ascertaining which of the
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and never can be self-supporting, in the sense of obtaining from
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masters of other forms, then of course there could be no possible
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which portrait painting was unknown north of the Alps." Indeed, it is
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vou Ranke. A Revised Translation by G. R. Dennis, B.A. Lond.
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wa-s to win not sea fights, but trade fights. They did not mean to in-
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