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Memorandum was prepared as an answer to a motion in
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the differences, a — b, b—c, construct the triangle.
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Bell's First German Course. By L. B. T. Chaffey, M.A.,
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Principal Sir Harry Reichel, LL.D. ; Mr. Charles Mackinnon
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without some slight distinction. If they could get rid of the term
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All information respecting the objects and operations of the College,
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dates was 5,764, the total number of those who obtained degrees
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distance that we admit we cannot realize. The calculation is
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First Trinity — promises to be unusually interesting.
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Bruces, a thing rather impossible for either the author or his
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otherwise, is not being defeated by teaching the ' art " of the
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the exception of the City companies, who had generously sup-
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is a suggestive parallel. And, in any case, the dates of com-
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"We can heartily recommend it as an excellent class-book, the moat attmctive
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HiTTiiN, jr. A,, Chief Modern Languages Master at Merchant
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and whether the "due checks" may not be advantageously
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Aberdeen ; William H. Maw, Past President of the Institute of
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papers : (1) " The ' New Education ' in France," by Ferdinand
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and the French Revolution (Horace Walpole). (11) Letters on the
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Prose and verse alternate, and the passages are substantial and complete,
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johnson's nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo review
in classics he has introduced two original improvements : (i.) the
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tion of Part I. of the Finance Bill. Sir William Anson
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boys as being derogatoi-y was also, he thought, an extreme case. If
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other masters, and they might make any one of the masters
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Lists of Officers, Examiners, and Members, the Jlegulations of
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is either given in full, or the number of the verse or verses in which it
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case in which it may be desired, the answer will be treated as confidential
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everything. Our Head Mistress was young and pretty and
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Thb following is a list of successful candidates at the E.tamination
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A Histori/ of Geriiinn Literatnre. By Calvin Thomas, LL.D., Professor
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n,pde I'equation y = ae"" + be'" + cei" en formant les derivees y',y" , —
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undertake the heavy task of putting the younger boys in
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by the class members as men who will be true to their fellows,
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Cardiff University College, is required. Apply to Mr. J.
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But, although the Circular states that the general effect of
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regulate its examinations by the needs of any profession, and
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Repeated practice is the best master for the attainment of
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Particulars from the Registrar, University Registry,
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as an end in itself — a thing to be done just for the doing of
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