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the surface of a given triangle. Find the average area of the triangle

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schools for the past dozen years. It is especially intended "for the use

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" Physical, Historical, Political, and Descriptive Geography."

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Apply (with seventy-five printed copies of testimonials) to

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round my playground, and I have been counting them — that is

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1 eiary ^.^^^ during this month " First Latin Lessons "

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will prove a stumbling block ;' for they will go on wondering who

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neither cartographer nor motorist would tiiid much guidance

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tial theorems. Chapters ii. to iv. may be looked on as applica-

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is fitting that the first entrance to all these should be through

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Adopting Descartes' method, we may, from the form of the given

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rend par trop dependante de I'homme. Dans cette revendication

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The day of the spelling book is passed ; the child spells when

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of bygone illustrations of national music will renew their cordial thanks

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observation, generalization, deduction, and verification. We

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place, W. J. Long, the author of those excellent educational

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will prove a stumbling block ;' for they will go on wondering who

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of arousing altogether wrong masses of ideas through some

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land or of a Church in full communion with it) must send

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Prance or her colonies by invoking " les necessites de service " —

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In Liverpool University, Mr. P. H. Kirkaldy has been

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£7,000) on the new athletic ground (of nineteen acres) at Perivale.

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Books," of which the present volume is the most recent member,

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The Chair of Anatomy in Edinburgh University is vacant

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pamphlet, both for purposes of reference to its own pages and by

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Imprimis, the electoral roll is to be reorganized. Membership

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method obviously brings teacher and pupil into more profit-

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professions liberales lui sont ouvertes, et elle salt y tenir un rang

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age, the facilities for the transfer of pupils from elementan.- to secondary

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Aswaitant Master. Bradford <ii-animar Scliool ; and an Examiner in Geography

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study ; and so wonderfully was everything preserved that the

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Mechanics at Cambi-idge and was one of the original moving

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solution " by arithmetic and not by algebra." The elementary

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master lose anything in dignity, either for himself or his fellow

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at the Clapham High School, is at liberty to accept

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seldom require dusting or cleaning— labour greatly reduced.

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