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Board of Education to proposals for the constitution of a

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thromrhout the difTereut districts of these islands. The test is fully illustrated by

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centre of curvature at P lies on the circle TQQ' ; (iv.) T lies on the

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tor, there was really no difficulty at all in actual practice. If the

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describing, it was necessary to cut out an oblong piece from the

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withdrawn by German and Swiss Universities. Neuchatel

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(2) " Latin Literature," by Mr. L. Solomon, beginning Octo-

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the latter in the inauguration for women of residential University

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Vol.11. — From Henry VIII. to the Restoration. 5s. I Vol. IV. — The Great European War. 5s. [Now ready.

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Over the breakfast table the argument might run : Suppose the

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on the one hand, to regard as complete the discussion of the matter

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I. WiUett, Battersea Polytechnic and Norwood Technical Institute.

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guages and the Training of Teachers. By Kahl Breul,

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readers a course in differential and integral calculus in which the subject

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the Captain. The description is ample and the illustrations

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[Adequate introduction, notes largely historical, Fragen, vocabu-

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will, for to "think of uothing " is oftentimes one of the most

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She is the first woman to join the teaching staff of Trinity College.

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< 38 i)j>. Price ^^ Calculus. ,385 pages. Price 10s. 6d.

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axioms, and postulates, and on proofs unfsuited to the pupil,

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conferred, pence or no pence, is one of those puzzles that no

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home. Prof. Gregory makes special acknowledgment of his indebted-

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There are, too, the letters of Philadelphus, which have more

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use in Schools. Inmo. Full List sent on application.

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age limit, but no one under eighteen would be admitted. The

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work It must be the harmonious development of the children

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ances of the " Alcestis " of Euripides in an English translation by

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scholarly editions of classical works, died at Boscobel, Streat-

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