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Dulwich CoUege, Henney Scholar, £90 a year ; T. F. Heyworth,

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point P, is a cubic surface, on which P is point of contact of a triple

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Masters. -Id. (4) Regulations for Technical Schools, Schools of

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in which they worked had a population of over 1(3,000. They

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Elementary Statics. By W. G-. Borchardt, M.A., B.Sc, Assistant

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and theoretical geometry Hkely to give valuable assistance to teachers of

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"^Benrf^cdonr" ^^O *« ^^'^ library of the Bedford College

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trained and trainers."— Tlie Journal of Education in reviewing the Second Edition.

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success." Nor, after all, is efficiency in the prescribed

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1870, taking a respectable place in the Mathematical Tripos. His

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Messrs. W. H. k L. Collingridge have issued from the City Press the

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tution of a Registration Council. He wished to correct a mis-

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that are needed to keep the methods and principles and results of

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might be transacted. It had not, like the other faculties, to

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views The point is, not whether the task is inconvenient or

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A few final remarks on matters of personal observation may be

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technical education in relationship to primary and secondary

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of the American Philosophical Society ; and Prof. Sir Cleorge

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out a series of experiments in disinfection. Forty schools were

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sophy and History of Philosophy, Logic and Scholastic

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amount of wine, against strong beer (cereuisia), and against lying

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= 2 cos i (B -h C) [cos J (B - C) -sin i (B -h C) ]

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particular pose whether the other methods break down or not — with

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[(1) Biographical and literary introduction ; illustrations. (2) Brief

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standing, since by the process of arrest the contrary ideas in the

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the period under review. There was, at the beginning of the

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"Tlif most attractive introduction to Latin that has come under my notice, and

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ou.sly selected and agreeably and clearly presented. There has been

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Dynamics, The Elementary, of Solids and Fluids. By W. Peddle,

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London, Fetter Lane: CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITT PRESS: C. P. Clay, Manager.

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perhaps one in Banking, a degree in Commerce might be offered

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dent were also appreciatively mentioned. The Bishop of London,

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ment and of method in American commercial and industrial

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Crackiiell, M.A., B.Sc, F.C.P., Science Director of the University