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It is that Part I. of any Special may be taken in or after the
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" Physical, Historical, Political, and Descriptive Geography."
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1 eiary ^.^^^ during this month " First Latin Lessons "
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reader of The Edncatianal Times the makers offer 100,000
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Mrs. Mackenzie reviews the life of Hegel with special
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(ii.) On its being pointed out to B. that bis conduct is irregular, he
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the United Kingdom the Examination was held at the following places : —
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The day of the spelling book is passed ; the child spells when
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but of all undergraduates who are intent upon study. Enormous
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mation as may be learnt outside the laboratory just as well as in it ;
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notes, and a ffeograplucal and "liistorical index combine to make these excellent
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place, W. J. Long, the author of those excellent educational
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land or of a Church in full communion with it) must send
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just the amount of attention usually accorded to academic views.
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jMessrs. Gilhes and Anderson, which has already been widel.v adopted.
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professions liberales lui sont ouvertes, et elle salt y tenir un rang
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the sense of the author wliom they were interpreting — e.g.,
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The cost of living in lodgings in Bangor averages from
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the head teacher's duties. Hence I hope that, although bj' the
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lection of Easy Deductions from Books I., II., III., IV., and VI. of Euclid's
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In 1894 he accepted from the Bishop of Rochester the presenta-
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Great care has been taken in the external production of this
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^OITDOU UKIVBBSITY EXAMINATIONS. | (Affiliated to Univeisit;/ Correspondence College.)
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Summanes. In tluv p.u is-Part I., Britisli Isles and Europe ; Part II.,
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Choisies de Beranger. Edited by Jean Edmond Mansion, B. es L.,
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construction more works are written by the Komans than the
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octroyer le vote parlementaire. Le suffrage ne sera point en ses
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" large and increasing number of those who fail to find full
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and they satisfy the practical claims by describing the important experi-
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A MEETIXG of the Council was held at the College, Bloomsbury
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he had more leisure to look after his school, then he would
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" adorateurs du liasard, du succes, de I'eclat, du bruit, de la
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Students, not under 14, preparing to enter Engineering
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Oral Exercises In English Composition. (Third Class) ... 1 6
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nical, would be invited to send representatives to the proposed
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up to the age of sixteen. Whatever this maj' precise!}'
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port," which is issued l)y tlie International Union of Ethical
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Prizeman). For |.aM icuhirs and tprms apply " Coach,"
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