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Scholars attending Public Elementary Schools. 2d. (2) Regula-
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handling of the materials in the body of the work is very careful,
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where \ is undetermined. Eliminating .r, y, z from (2) and (3),
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head master and his staff, and not the much broader subject of the
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Greek Reader. Vol. II. Adapted, with English Notes,
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largely for its own needs ; and it may well be doubted
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Vikings. By Maiy Macgregor, with pictirres by Monro S. Orr.
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and value of experience had been weighed ; the relative values
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question to his mind as to whether war would break out between
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these points are to be considered ; words, /ormitZne loquendi. and
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Hence, by (1) and (2), we have gy = ax, a linear equation.
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before tUem seemed to be almost equally extreme. He had appa-
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of the wealth they might hope fav one day when Herculaneum
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State wants: .send for List. Books sent on approval.
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help if he had come down to us whole and corrected, and, such
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enthusiastic enough to fire his pupils with a love of " doing."
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ences — what the teacher himself had seen or done— had an vmfailing
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Paris. Ses dernieres annees se passerent dans I'eloignement et
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1891-1908, 111. 18 in Hons.; Medical Prelim., 281 ; Re-
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Apply to the Secretary of the College by July 6. £120 to
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must be able to efface himself to a certain extent, to avoid fuss
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to true happiness — that is, to Godlike happiness — He instituted at
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Notes. Vocabulary of all the Words in the Text, and a Series of
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of a parallelogram as tbe angle between adjacent sides alters,
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attribute to the steady stream of highly developed intelligence
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division of labour is so mechanical and monotonous that it
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New Shilling Arithmetic, is. ; or, with Answers, Is. 4d.
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The Report of the Appointments Board shows that no less than
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intelligent class. It goes without saying that it is a laudable
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— "for the first time an absolutely faithful reproduction of the
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word, or a useful formula loquendi, or a significant, weighty, or
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awarded to boys and to girls are to be approximately equal.
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appointed Taylorian Professor of the Romance Languages,
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elaborating material : conception: the static and dynamic view of ideas : ideas as
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carefully arranged and remarkably complete tabulated statistics
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the contrary, the spirit of reform is probably even more
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of the Council, I have now to submit to you, in detail, the statistics and
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training has not enabled them to reach the qualifying standard for
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for the year. The cost of the disinfectant was £2-3. 6s. 6d. Some
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NEW AND SPECIAL Application Is invited for the PKO-
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