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who would have been Senior as under the old regulations, but

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7 Stationers' Hall Court, E.G., and 121a Victoria Street, S.W,

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de.soribing the historic and romantic parts of France served by this

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Relations between Head Masters and Assistant Masters."

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Reading : Untveesity College.— Open Scholarships : In Arts, John

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twenty, and in giving this figure as an average the error is

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Prisonniers du Caucase (de Maistre) ; (8) Contes des Fees (Perrault) ;

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I read the advertisements for high-school teachers now, insisting

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souverain, et qu'il leur fut donne de voir enfin se realiser.

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though " for several generations and in many lands —

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French Switzerland — at Geneva, Lausanne, ami Neuchatel ;

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What is the remedy, then Naturally, the Committee

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in my opinion, on account of his seriousness and his ideas.

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realize. Bearing in mind, then, the high differentiation of school

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fications: the time element: influence of temperament on character: character

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he was a pupil at the Stuttgart Gymnasium, where the

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marks of the careful and discriminating scholarship that characterizes

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limiting its operations. It is well that the island selected should

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changing the standpoint of our criticism. It is quite reasonable

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the cone is less than 60°, and unsafe if the angle

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questions. Elementary work on statistics receives deserved attention,

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poor man and the great national object of opening up a

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lines and follow new ones. Thus, for instance, equations to a

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bi'anch of leather manufacture, and comprises a practical model

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The Queensland Government announces that it proposes

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St. Mark. Edited by the Rev. G. F. Maclear, D.D. 2s

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history (especially as bearing upon the educational develop-

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Lect'U-es are given in preparation for all Examinations

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yiasonry." 128 pages. With 9 Plates of Diagrams. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6d. net.

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(2) for secondary teachers, (3) for technical teachers and teachers

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Key to Students' Manual of Book-keeping. By A. Thornton, B.Sc. 8vo , 7s. 6d. net.

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stand and to appreciate the development of our educational system (if

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still is the influence of their discussions upon academic

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(1) 4j:' + 3x'' + 7a;'' + 9x' -I- Gx* -I- 9i + 7x' -I- 3x -t- 4 when a; = 17a' ;

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gated 24,679 — an increase of 729 teachers of different grades over

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maintaining discipline than the men, as well as teaching better

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Professor of English and the Romance Languages in Williams

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