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In 1875 the fifty -two girls who met for the first time to work

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St. Paul's School celebrated its fourth centenary by the

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following grants should be made (under certain conditions) to

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between exercises of a practical nature and those which exist for ex-

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teachers. It has been abundantly proved that these children can be

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(August 25), Dr. Gray, Head Master of Bradfield College,

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Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Durham. (3s. Cambridge Uni-

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yet due in the course of study. It is probably idle to labour this

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whose point of view the explanations in many instances stand in need of

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specialization ; but at the same time it constantly tends to asso-

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(6 vols.) ; Barter's Book of Sonnets; Gould's Souvestre's Le Serf; Major's Moral

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credit-generating machinery, and I was too eager to see the

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of LL.D. upon Dr. Chai-les Gore, Bishop of Birmingham ;

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1 eiary ^.^^^ during this month " First Latin Lessons "

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" and at the same time an almost endless store of noble

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able, painstaking, and interesting little volume by Mrs.

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Oxford University has conferred the honorary degree of

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Professors Turner and Fii-th (Oxford), and the Rev. J. P.

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of elements that might have been expected if the book had been addressed

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By W. . Workman, M.A., B.Sc, and A. G. Ckacknell, M.A., B.Sc.

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papers on the positive and negative side respectively, and a

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Post-graduate work in all the important branches of

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(Lnnd.), P}i. D. With many DiHKrams. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d.

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present) which would be in the nature of fault-finding or which

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laying the groundwork o\\ which another master is to place the

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fact that it is in the main a translation gives it a special character and

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the pleasures of others." The master who has learned his lesson

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work with the girls, they can take a second course of card-

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Arithmetic Test Cards, Bell's New Practical. By W. J. Stainer, B.A.

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Registration. She urged the necessity for difierentiatiou between

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