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the study of ancient monuments, and of the great art of the
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(Cheltenham College, formerly Mr. Vickers's, Scaitcliffe, Englefield
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(I.) (1) In the first equation put x — ^{a + b) = m{a + b)], audit takes
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Orchard, Secondary School, Poole, and J. CaiToU, St. Francis Xavier's
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The fortieth Annual Conference of the National Union of
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A KET, for the ^lse of Masters only. Ss. 2^(1. net^ post free.
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Hurst, Streatham High School. In the Training Department ; Scholar-
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words and phrases. It is the completion of a great series developed in
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that, though it is difficult to avoid Scott anywhere in Perthshire,
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will be drawn from actual experience in the schoolroom, and will include the
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Basis Liitina. An Introduction to Latin through the Language to the
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with introduction and notes by Mrs. M. G. Glazebrook. Is.
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are concurrent, then the lines AX, BY, CZ, DW, PL, MQ, NR are
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Ancient and Medieval History, Depa.rtment of Public Instruction,
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Chairman) to inquire into the needs of the Scottish Uni-
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enormous astronomical numbers : we can behave intelligently
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actual contents of the text, and in the careful summary which
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Cj-ril S. Cobb, the Vice-Chairman, write from the L.C.C. Education
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points. All the rest of the matter centres round them. The
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whence s (biCyd-j) + x (cjd-as) + y ((Jiajt.i) + q (afi-^c-i) = 0.
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Bevan, Rev. J. B. Blomfield, Mr. E. A. Butler, Mr. Charles, Mr.
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Edited by P. H. L'Estbange, B.A., Author of "A Progressive Course of Comparative Geography on the Concentric System." Price, in Sheet
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The Course includes full preparation for the Examina-
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building or institution of public interest. Mr. Munro was one
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The University Stall consists of 41 Professora, 62 Lecturers, and over 50 Assistants and Demonstrators. The anniml amount available for Fellowships, Scholarships,
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maining twent3' no operation other than washing the floors and
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time Fellow of Newnham College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo, cloth,
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material results of home and foreign trade, the practical applica-
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at the performance of the " Medea " given some time ago in Greek
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Apply to Mr. R. F. Gwyther, Secretaiy, by September 15.
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man Lecturer, Goldsmiths' College, ITniversity of London. Jurispru-
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tired to go an errand rouse at the sound of a punted football, faint
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and Modern History Lecturer of Exeter College, Oxford,
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Practical Science, An Elementary Course in. By C. Foxcroft, Science
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teacher reference numbers indicating the Sub-Registers and Schedules
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November, and March- April. Entries for the June-July
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to this conclusion — the " civic " solution. The worst of it
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the Teachers' Certificate, Cambridge ; and for the Ciiui-
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of the series to junior classes). They are also issuing sepa-
was desirable that no child should be allowed to leave the
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states the following as one of the questions with which he deals :
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to the Chair of Anatomy in the University of Edinburgh, in
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