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as a volunteer, paj'ing his own expenses, rather than serve for

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London : Printed by C. ¥. Hodosox & Son. 2 Newton Street, High Holboni. W.C. ; and Published by Feancis Hodgson, 89 Farrinstdon Street, B.C.

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_ Q . p^. ^.■_ „^ y — Ij^ ^ — c respectively. But, eliminating ;/ and z

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of the intellectual training of girls since its found-

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" The Holy Roman Empire." The whole of his teaching life

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Situations Vacant and Wanted— 30 words or under, 28. ; each additional 10 words,

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(1) Sedimentary Rocks, (2) Volcanic Work, (3) Ice Work, (4) River

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elementary school before, or done a day's teaching anywhere, and

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(A Constituent College of the University of Wales.)

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ranging in value from £40 to £10, will be open for com-

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very small smattering of knowledge. They were the rocks upon

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3. Papers set at Examination of Pupils for Certificates, Midsummer, 1908.

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Flack B.M., M.A., Keble. RadcUfte Prize: A. F. Hertz, D.M..

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the fullness and the accuracy of the information up to the date of publica-

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their own thought and judgment in doing things. If the work

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Open only to those joining for the two years' Mechanical

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from the School of Technology, Sackville Street. Apply to

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OF THE FACnLTiEs, Or from the Clerk of Sexatus ; and full details are given in the University Calendar, published by James This, 55 South Bridge, Edinburgh-

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CoUege, Cambridge, Assistant Master at Charterhouse. (Ss. 6d.

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their success in life ':^ When factories and mines began to increase,

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and lucidity, and he is remaritably well furnished with the

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portraits of the leading members of the Conference. The

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Majesty's Government, and to report as to what assistance, if

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the two branches of learning, though not, as appears later,

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It is, perhaps, a fact that all Fellows of Colleges are not born

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tion of familiar instances, instead of endeavouring directly to implant

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to 1.1' iielil 111 September. Students prepare for the

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tendency it has to make the pupils dependent on a more or less

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be as far as possible avoided. This demand is a reasonable one,

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asked the President of the Board of Education whether, having

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Gardens of the Royal Botanic Society, Regent's Park, on

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those who are wise and fluent. No pleasure is greater than to

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de ce qu'elle considere son droit, la femme n'est point mue par

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live by himself. The proposal is the subject of considerable

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foresee collisions possible on questions of what is dignifi'^d and

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Specimen Theory Papers set in past years (Local Centre

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