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different ways. I recollect seeing a pictorial representation of

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Kedleston (July 7). " But the real interest of St. Paul's,"

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registration, and of referring to the Executive Committee the

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circle within the ellipse a maximum. The angle 1^ will be a root of

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was sixteen, an hour a week should be given to the classics in the

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TJnion Theological Seminary, New York ; Rev. Robert Borland, Yarrow ;

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questions of the present time. But the condensation crushes

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34th day ... a, ioo C02 | ei^ 621 c.23 1 0.3 60.2 Ci | ,

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ABC, two lines be drawn AL, AL', equally inclined to AB and AC re-

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sourness ; for, after all, he would sing when the fit of the gout

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tive of the teaching profession and not of certain sections of it

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For Students reading for ihe 0.\ford and CambridRe Higher Certiflcate and

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lecturer that games should not be prescribed. He woiild go further,

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Revised, Corrected, and Augmented by a Member of the University of Cambridge.

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higher degree of speed can be attained. Next he goes carefully

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for instance, Mr. Mackenzie may explain in what sense Randolph

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Miss S. Greves, B.Sc. Lond., L.C.P., 19 Guem.sey Grove Heme

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the two curves will intersect again in a fixed point. If the ec-

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provides that all increments are to date as from March 31 in

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scientific training in the chemistry and art of dyeing and finish-

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Board of Education to proposals for the constitution of a

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thromrhout the difTereut districts of these islands. The test is fully illustrated by

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centre of curvature at P lies on the circle TQQ' ; (iv.) T lies on the

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tor, there was really no difficulty at all in actual practice. If the

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describing, it was necessary to cut out an oblong piece from the

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withdrawn by German and Swiss Universities. Neuchatel

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(2) " Latin Literature," by Mr. L. Solomon, beginning Octo-

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the latter in the inauguration for women of residential University

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Vol.11. — From Henry VIII. to the Restoration. 5s. I Vol. IV. — The Great European War. 5s. [Now ready.

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Over the breakfast table the argument might run : Suppose the

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on the one hand, to regard as complete the discussion of the matter

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I. WiUett, Battersea Polytechnic and Norwood Technical Institute.

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guages and the Training of Teachers. By Kahl Breul,


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readers a course in differential and integral calculus in which the subject

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the Captain. The description is ample and the illustrations

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[Adequate introduction, notes largely historical, Fragen, vocabu-

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