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to divert their funds to this purpose. They also lay stress on
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subject, and thus prepare himself for a more exhaustive study of
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ville, " tour ;x tour pour I'Europe un objet d'admiration, de
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Exeter. — Scholarship in Modem History : Leslie C. Hughes, Clifton
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viceable bibliography, and indexes — one specially prorided for the in-
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A School Arithmetic. By H. S. Hall, M.A., and F. H. Stevens, M.A. Complete, with Answers, 4s. 6d. ;
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methods by way oif complement to the arithmetical solutions. The
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who has won one of £30 at the same school ; while Miss M. Baxter
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Trice to Subscribers, bs. ; to Non- Subscribers, 6s. 6d.
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method, entirely voluntary and dependent for its success upon
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BOSWE LL'S LIFE OP JOHNSON. Edited, with an Introduction, by
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and discoveries of some magnitude. By putting together, for
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an obligatory subject of instruction ; and in how many handi-
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State wants: send for List. Books sent on approval.
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(1) Charles Lamb — Selected Essays. 3d. (paper). (2) Scenes from
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Herbert Bell, M.A., B.Sc. Drummond Mathematical Scholarship
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Tlie LHiid Tnxes and the Schools— Official Supervision of Indian
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In the United States the National Educational Association
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B Sc. Diplftmee of the School of Geography, at 16 Rich-
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Sessions, viz. the "Winter Session, October to March
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the date or place of events, and to the stage of development.
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wakeful eye ; and enterprising students of economics have
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knowledge of vital importance to his very existence ; his every
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age of thirty-four. The committee report that the students are
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bers who represented London m Parliament might act together
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further explanation of the nature and conditions of the work)
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start." However, one cannot go far without discriminations :
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paths and Commons Preservation Society and the author oi
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Two Drapers' Company Arts Scholarships for Men (£40 each for three
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Mk. Edward Stanford announces, for earlj' publication,
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teacliers and others interested in general education knew what
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troversy cannot be restricted to combatants that possess
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EUROPE : Its Physical and Political Geography. Page Map in Colour. By M. J. C. Meiklejohn, B.A. 96 pp. Fourth
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Wall Pictures" published by A. & C. Black, to accompany Mr. F. B.
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Experienced Tutors, holding high University Distinctions.
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function of motive: fallacy of "the strongest motive" theory: subjective and
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active ; and, although the University and the Colleges have
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not know how far such feelings of Indian students are made
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Mb. Francis L. Griffith, Reader in Egyptology at Ox-
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