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College, Cambridge. (6s. net.) (Cambridge University Press.) °
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but probably has by no means disappointed reasonable ex-
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Xew Edition, with Additional Chapters, bringing the
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The Secretary reported the arrangements that had been made
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illustrate methods of jirocedure, and graphs find a place, as in nearly all
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per cent, of this capital must be subscribed before, under Otto-
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Moral evil, the en\ called wickedne.'i.s, is a necessary, indispensalile
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Exercises in German Grammar and Word Formation, by Walter
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certain services, but, in return, received her protection." He outlines
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tion of the present state of language teaching in schools
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Technit-al College, Finsburv. foi students not under
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i s found that N3 = (x* - 3x''' - 5x- - 4x - 2)^ - 19.r (x» + x'- + x + 1)-.
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A. S. Macpherson, from Mr. Trollope's, St. Albans. Exhibitions
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and the general motion of a top, moving axes, stability of rotation,
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terminology used in teaching the languages, ancient and modem, in-
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extraordinaires Fran(^ais font tout au rebours de nous ! " Et les
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Each of these teachers in the course of training has cost the
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For Prospectus and full information apply personally,
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trained their children in the way they should. The fact that
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ment of his dignity Is not that temper, that attitude in the air,
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6507601 cannot be carried further without the introduction of factors
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yet. First Trinity were far above the average of a college
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or other cause, require special training in lip-reading, and should
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of-fact chai'acter. " Speaking of babies," said the Sunday School
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application lasts for 2 to 6 months, aceonlins to wear.
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by A. SiDGWiCK, M.A. Is 6d Also with Notes and Vocabulary
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ing Association) very efficiently sets out "first steps."
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psychologj' : distinction between soul and soul content : education as a process of
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tional firms had issued for native use a little book on Wallace and
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The impressiveness gained by using the magnificent unit of one
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German methods and ideals have had great influence upon
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the autobiography of his young Quaker amanuensis, who took
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am- one altitude is divided by the orthocentre. Prove that the three
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Prizes for Classics : Miss H. M. Barnard (£8) and Miss P. B. Mudie-
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themselves from the workaday world. The permanence of
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in the University of London and with the prospects of higher
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Foraker on the Brownsville affair — the affair of the negro regi-
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several sciences in simple language and in an introductory manner.
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be chosen — Perothus or Aldus, Nebrissensis, Mancinellus,
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a living. How much did they learn to tit them for any
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out of school hours, what he had in mind in referring to it was
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and what it has accomplished for the benefit of mankind." The complete
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In geography, the heights of mountains, the lengths of
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