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whilst avoiding opinions of an extreme or precarious kind." The editor

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Signer Cesare Foligno, D.Litt. Milan, has been appointed

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M.A. Is. 6d. : or, with Answers, 2s. Answers separately, 6d. net.

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Birotteau (Balzac). Edited by Wilhelmine E. Delp, Docteur de

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said that, before many months were over, incorporation with the

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Memorial Scholarship (£50 each for one year) : Hindustani, Claud H.

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and "The Rotherhithe Tunnel" — 64 pages of varied scientific matter

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5tate of the country, the potato famine and coercion in Ireland,

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point here, for the teacher who has taken the troul^le to come to

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that, as far as South Africa is concerned, William the Silent and

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students of Girton and Newnham may take the same examina-

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One of the representatives of the College on the Federal

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FRANCIS HODGSON, 89 Farringdun Sirekt, London, E.C.

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Whaler (Kingston)"; (4) Ravenshoe (H. Kingsley) ; (.5) The Three

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ture from the evergreen Captain John Smith down to Charles Brockden

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scene ; the presentation of diplomas to thirteen " graduates " at

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teachers, but more advanced students," so that " the efforts

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also KF + KIr = 2KP2 + 2Pr- = 4Pr--2CK- = H.^-lBC-.

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in Wonderland (Lems CarroU). 4d. — Grade V. (age 10-13):

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Nothing but music seems to have redeemed that childhood

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plastic in the First Standard, cane in the Second, paper and thin

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depend upon the position of the common room. If the common

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period of five years its annual grant of £400 to the O.xford

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might most profitably be replaced by a simple experimental

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and vlclncres' French Minister of Education, the Abbe

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chequer grant. Moreover, the Government had already pledged

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taking. Lessons should be so given as to provide facilities for

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14.7 square miles, and each square mile contains 27,878,400 square

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languages, instead of just criticism and sage counsel, we are

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class discipline : '" talking " : relation between discipline and class work : possibility

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and physical fitness of the output from the primary schools, and

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" religious " teaching from the schools. But is it the fact

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be ancillary to the immediate object of instruction.

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him. The following is taken from a formerly much used text-

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some stranger lands, but begins with talks about the rivers and

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