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now substantiaUv mastered, it is time that Eualish readers should

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engineers, 35 were engaged in the textile industries, 17 belonged

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not advanced, medicine. No teaching, however, in subjects per-

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come naturally under the observation of yoimg children, and therefore

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most interesting volume, compiled with great care and good judgment.

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fli e„, e^, ..., anyone of which is connected with the preceding by

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Puritanism, Hints on Shakespeare's English, and Index of Words,

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in respect of King's College School, which also had a heavy debt,

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able personages in the course of four centuries. We confess

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Litt.D., Professor of Latin in the University of Manchester,

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Address to the Guild on " The Personality of the Teacher."

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have been arranged to great works, to the Midland Railwa}'

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istry in the Royal College of Science, South Kensington.

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academic teacher, but it compulsoril}' excluded him from the use

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the tools at his disposal will enable the reader to select for' the

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penditure account shows a revenue of £114,243 and an

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(Birmingham) declared it was quite impossible to get the best

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Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, will offer, in 1910, three

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Mr. RuNCi.MAN : The point referred to was made with reference

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nurture, or over which has l)een waged more acute controversy

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dark, and inconvenient. Such premises would hardly have been

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apparatus which is capable of movement, or of depicting

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with Staffs (which have been brought, as far as possible, into corre-

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of It. The exigencies of polemics may justify Mr. Spiller's

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Scholarships awarded for 1909 was 1,649 (840 boys and 809

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is algebraic, provided v is harmonically related to one of the it's.

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sity of New York ; and Charles Rene ZeUler, Professor of Palseobotany

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building fund. It remains to collect £80,000, but, with so satis-

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Wakefield, Chairman of the Central Unemployed Body, will

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and the senses to perceive ; while the brainwork behind the

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Longmans' Nature Poetry Book for Children, by Asenath Smith (Is.),

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Principal Teachers' Association (Feb. 12). By his Honour Judge

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Dr. Artemas Martin's Question 9442 does not seem to me to be

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where 2 means summing the three terms formed by cyclically changing