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per annum," with a large number of maintenance scholar-
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Lucette (Chard Grammar School), D. R. G. Mackay (Mr. Gurney's,
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them ofi from the roads that lead to indiscipline and idleness,
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Edited by O. H. Eynes Clinton, M.A., Professor of French Lan-
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training value of this play of animals. Let us take, first, the
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criticism, the grouping of the LXX Books, the kow/i (basis of LX X
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Lily, one of the best, if not the very best, of the half-dozen men
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tains all the book-work he is likely to want and more,
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at B, C is L. The CM. of the four particles is on PL. Similarly it
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This method of solution is given in Wolstenholme's Problems, No. 132.]
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introduce pupils. Write— W.E., Library, Pleasure Gar-
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Animals cannot be said to play because they are young and
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the type of the German Bealschule and Oherrealschule, in
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students whose financial resources are slender, and their endow-
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suration may be connected with the football field or the cricket
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submitted to tlie Board, was forwarded by the Board for con-
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students blossomed forth in fascinating costumes of the Hogarth
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the work of a citizen, but she may not have a citizen's privileges.
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St. John's. — Choral Studentships, £40 a year : Tenor, A. Guest-
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remaining debt of £85,000 be cleared off by October 14,
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bridge, as so many of the great scientist's family have made
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it is to obtain the degi-ees of the University of London. A very large
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favour of the reconstitution of the Council, now in abeyance, he
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SoMERViLLE COLLEGE, Oxford, offei's a Research Fellow-
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degr-ee of LL.D. upon six of the Colonial editors now visiting
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lias been completed with success. The committee consisted of
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8. In accordance with the request of the last General Meeting, the
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London : City of London School. — Classical Senior Open Scholar-
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Memoires d'un Ane. By Madame de Segur. Edited by Lucy
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bungles that not unfrequeutly mark the teaching of brilliant
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Being an Advanced Reading Book for use In Elementary
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Germany." That great ship had been entirely produced in the Father-
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to second after seven years; from second to first after seven
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By J. Duckworth, B.A., Organizing Superintendent, Carlisle.
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which private schools were generally wrecked, but they sounded
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and hence «i = 2450= + 48= = 2302= + 840=, from (2) and (3) ;
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of the " lyrical Ballads" (1660-1798). By Jeannette Marks, M.A.
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72 Maps and Diagrams, printed in Colours, illusti-ating the varied Geographical and
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Thucydides and Herodotus, a translation of which authors was
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interest, which was in anj- case stronger. Had I been a careless
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