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romantic incident — it is the heart of Scotland, " not only us

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(Cheltenham College, formerly Mr. Vickers's, Scaitcliffe, Englefield

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schools of the country. The resolution declared that many of

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The centenary celebrations at Cambridge in commemora-

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mistake-traps: rule and exception: the awful example: the use of the standard:

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16633. (S. Narayana Aiyah.) — If Vi, V., be the volumes generated

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Benefactions. °" ''f ''^^l "* „^*- F""''^ * College, Padding-

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Members, and of Schools sending in candidates to the

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is that one of the subjects shall be a language. The conditions

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the Old and New Testaments. An introduction is prefixed to each book,

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tions for the Teaching Diplomas granted by the Univer-

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[Sketch of German history as elementary reader. Ample notes

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time experiences and cases, careful and repeated counting,

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for Modern Historj^, the sixth for either subject. Entry

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mutiny in our Native Army, or — incomparably the worst of the three —

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Prince Roland Bonaparte, Dr. Francis Darwin, Dr. Edmond

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Scott'sTheLayof the Last Minstrel. G. H. Stuaet and E.H. Elliot 2

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contributions to literature, art, science and thought ; (2) another

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lead to special and less complex forms. Chapter xvi. takes up

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Department" of Greek and Roman Anticxuities, "in such a method as

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It is at once evident from tlie number of periods that the square root

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Holl, R.A.), has been presented to Leeds University by Mr.

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opinion that the Readers ought to be elevated to the dignity

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greater labour from the first to learn them well than ill, though

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continues to contribute her full earnings to the joint house-

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fullness the theory of homogeneous co-ordinate systems in

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of the manual may also be of much practical value to more advanced

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ponsions and Previous, 80 ; Law Prelim., 80 ; other

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10585. (J. J. Barkiville.) — The asymptotes of three equilateral

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is full of his subject, and — he lets himself go, undismayed bj-

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centenary celebrations in 1905. His second son is the Archbishop

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art neither worse nor less skilful if thou hast others equal to

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devise exercises calculated to develop these habits, being always,

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Memorandum was prepared as an answer to a motion in

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the Niirnberg Gymnasium, that we are able to discover and

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Bell's First German Course. By L. B. T. Chaffey, M.A.,