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scholarly editions of classical works, died at Boscobel, Streat-
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Force Integrals m the Theory of Attractions," Dr. J. G. Leathem.
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below the level of State institutions. When a municipality
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taking in school: relation of age of pupils to amoutit of note-taking: revision of
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In the meantime, whilst thou canst not at thy age judge con-
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what he says, nor neglect his behests. Always in your mind
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Selu-yn. — Scholarships : E. L. Mellersh, Berkhamsted School, £40 for
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to the professors and that the college lecturer is not nearly so
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Cicero's Pro Murena. Edited by J. H. Feeese. (First Class) 2
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maintenance of whose own character and the promotion of the
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the values of certain materials as illustrations and as the subject-
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often empty and members of the staff hardly knew one another,
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(and key) ; then, conversations of a practical character on a vast variety
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laboratory in 4."). Direct experimental work performed by the
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work is exceptionablv capable and useful."— -Ei'HcafioJzof
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Mathematics, Royal Naval College, Greenwich (in addition
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be admitted, that the comfort of the townspeople may not be im-
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healthy youth, for a kitten will play when almost faint with
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our banishing play nowadays from childhood ; Froebel has taught
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school magazine. He published a " Life of Sir John Franklin,"
practice and theory should never be lost sight of : practice
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ferred upon J. D. Anderson, Gonville and Caius College,
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controlling the hostels would severally "provide religious
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Head Mistress by myself. We used to end the lesson with
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go for little with practical men : there is no real difficulty in
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not advanced, medicine. No teaching, however, in subjects per-
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Oxford can do without direct external pressure to make
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demands ; old form and new : legitimate and illegitimate notes by teacher ; the
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LL.D.. Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court ; the Very
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to see some of the answers to the easy questions set to us upon
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head master were a competent teacher he was willing to show
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Schools Association to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The
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ethnological, and political development, and the economic resources of
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a Teachers' Registration Council have been submitted to the
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M.A., B.Sc, Head Master of Kingswood School, Bath, and A. G.
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Senior Master of Modern Languages, Modem School, Bedford. 2s.
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selected, erjnal as far as possible in size, character, and condition
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maps are excellently produced. The drawing of the lines of the multi-